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Coastal Trip (May 8-10)

The Coastal Trip is FULL

Packing List/Trip Information

There is a chance of rain on Thursday and Friday.  It would not hurt to pack rain gear

We will be leaving BY 6:45 am on WEDNESDAY, MAY 8.  

Students are expected to arrive at FMS between 6:00-6:15 am on that day dressed to go biking.

We will not wait on late arrivals

Students are encouraged to eat a hearty breakfast as we will not have lunch until we arrive on Jekyll Island around 1pm

For Wednesday,  students should have the following in their DAY BAG to bring on the bus: 

Bug repellant
Phone (if allowed by parent)

We expect to return between 7:00-8:00 pm on FRIDAY, MAY 10.  

Parents will be updated via REMIND/text from student as to the exact time of our return.

Students are expected to be picked up with 15 minutes of our return.

All communication going forward will be via Mrs. Belaski's webpage and REMIND

(text @fmscoast24 to 81010 to join)

Syllabus links:

7th Grade Gifted/Advanced Science
8th Grade Gifted/Advanced Science
7th Grade STEM Connections

Materials needed for learning on the first day of school:*

  • A pencil
  • notebook paper

  • Assignment notebook to keep track of upcoming assignments (this may be bought through the school OR one of your choice.  Here's my recommendation!)

  • Students enrolled in the STEM Connections class will need a cardboard cover composition notebook 

I will provide all students with a file folder to use to hold class notes at the start of each unit.  


  • I subscribe to the Remind text-messenger service.  I use it to inform students of upcoming class events along with supporting paperwork.
  • To subscribe text the appropriate code to: 81010  OR (678)890-2465
  • 7th Grade Gifted/Advanced Science: @gftsci723
  • 7th Grade STEM Connections: @stemcon23
  • 8th Grade Gifted/Advanced Science:@gftsci823
  • Coastal Trip: @fmscoast24

Classroom Supplies
Amazon Wishlist (click link)

We are ALWAYS in need of Kleenex and Clorox wipes

We need your TRASH!! We consistently need paper towel rolls, TP rolls, rinsed plastic containers (cottage cheese, margarine, yogurt, etc.), flattened cardboard boxes, egg cartons for projects and labs

Inclement/Severe Weather:

If school is cancelled due to inclement/severe weather,  check Google Classroom for instructions.

Instructions will be posted by 9am

If I am unable to post info due to a lack of internet at my house,  a message will be sent out via REMIND


Google Classroom Codes:  

First period:  tnk2h6w
Third period: qlhexly
Fourth period: 5yztjub
Fifth period: uqx4nk4
Sixth period: rweydgf

7th and 8th Grade Gifted/Advanced Courses of Study

The 7th grade course of study is life science. Below is a chart listing out each unit along with the anticipated time frame of when each unit will be studied:

Name of Unit 


Life:  The Characteristics of Life, Classifying Life


Ecology: Biomes, Interactions, Food Chains and Webs

Late August- mid October

Cells: Organelles, Cellular Processes, Unicellular and Multicellular Organisms

Mid-October - December

Systems:  Organization of Life, Systems of the Human Body

January - mid February

Genetics:  DNA and Chromosomes, Traits and Inheritance, Selective Breeding/Genetic Engineering

mid- February - mid April

Changes:  Fossil Evidence, Natural Selection

mid April - May

The 8th grade course of study is physical science. Below is a chart listing out each unit along with the anticipated time frame of when each unit will be studied:


Energy: Energy, Energy Transformations, Electricity and Magnetism,  Heat Transfer

August- October

Matter: The Periodic Table, The Properties of Matter, States of Matter, Changing Matter

October- December

Waves: Properties of Waves, Mechanical Waves, Electromagnetic Waves


Forces: Friction and Gravity, Force Fields


Motion: Speed and Distance, Newton's Laws of Motion

March- May

Renewable Energy


Grading Weights: (7th and 8th Grade Gifted/Advanced Science)


  • Classwork: 40%:  Includes assignments started and (usually) completed during class.  There may be times you will have to finish a classwork assignment later in the day as time did not allow you to finish during the class period. 


  • Homework: 15%:  Most HW assignments will be vocabulary or on-going project based.  Expect HW nightly.


  • Assessments: 40%: This category includes all quizzes and tests.  At least a two day notice will be given before each quiz, and I give at least a 5 day notice before tests are given.  All tests will be supported by at least one day of in-class review.
  • Participation:5%:  Warm-ups will be taken up and graded weekly as proof of class participation

  • 1 semester class
  • We will be extending what is being taught in Science classes
  •  Mostly hands-on, problem solving, group-based learning

The goal: Through STEM education, students will learn to become problem solvers, innovators, creators, and collaborators and go on to fill the critical pipeline of engineers, scientists, and innovators 

Grading weights for STEM CONNECTIONS:
Classwork: (40%) At the end of each concept,  students will complete an in-class assignment.  These will be entered as classwork grades.
Participation: (40%)
Students are expected to participate fully in class and to be a productive member of their group
Project: (20%)
Students are required to participate in the FMS Science and Engineering Fair

First semester students will participate in the 23-24 Fair

Second semester students will participate in the 24-25 Fair (Mrs. Belaski will store projects until the fair)

With the exception of experimentation and the display board, ALL work will be completed in class, with close teacher guidance

Thorough information on how to complete experimentation and the display board will be discussed in class and info will be sent home

Information will be sent home within one week of the start of the semester

Late Work

  • Late work is accepted up to one week late on both grade levels.  After 1 week,  the grade of "0" is final

Make-up work:

  • If you are absent,  check your GOOGLE CLASSROOM for instructions on how to make up the missed work
  • Students are expected to return from a short-term absence (1-2 days) with all work completed as described in their Google Classroom*
  • If a student is out for 3+ days,  contact Mrs. Belaski via email to set up a timeline for making up missed work
  • If a student will miss school due to travel,  contact me BEFORE the absence to set up a plan to make up missed work
*If a student has a short-term absence and is unable to make up work email Mrs. Belaski to set up an alternate due date


Google Classroom

  • All students enrolled in one of my classes are required to join the appropriate Google Classroom.  
  • All instructions, presentations, graphic organizers, vocabulary sheets, online simulators, etc. will posted in Google Classroom.


Information about Mrs. Belaski and science class…


  •  I post all presentations, graphic organizers, vocabulary sheets, and other class materials in each classes Google Classroom as presented under the appropriate heading


  • Expect homework every night.  Most homework assignments are vocabulary or project-based.
  •  I love structure, routines and organization!


  •  I run a very busy class. Studies have shown that you remember only 10% of what you read and 95% of what you attempt to teach another. My goal is for everyone to reach the teaching point! In order to get there, we have to maximize our time.   You are expected to attend all Meets on time and be prepared for class with the appropriate materials
  • Likes: chocolate -covered pretzels, middle schoolers, flip-flops, Disney World, France, lounging in a pool, and Diet Coke. I will read anything put in front of me. I watch documentaries for entertainment, but I am very capable of spending an entire day watching HGTV.


  •  Dislikes: snakes (weird for a science teacher, I know!), Ferris Wheels, dead things, eggs, wet socks, sneakiness, and being rushed through my work.


 It’s going to be a great year! I am excited to get to know my students and their parents. Please email me if you have any questions, comments or concerns.


Noelle Belaski