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Extra copies may be found in the appropriate grade-level folder under USEFUL LINKS

PPT Presentations may be found in the appropriate grade-level folder under USEFUL LINKS

Weblinks used in class may be found in the appropriate folder under USEFUL LINKS


  • I subscribe to the Remind text-messenger service.  I use it to remind students of upcoming class events along with supporting paperwork. To subscribe text the appropriate code to: 81010  OR (678)890-2465
  • 7th Grade Science: @sci7fms
  • 7th Grade Gifted/Advanced Science: @gftsci7
  • 8th Grade Gifted/Advanced Science: @gftsci8


 Please check this page frequently for updates and to find important information.  I strive to keep my site up to date so that my students and their parents can access information from school at their home. 

Your child's current grade can always be accessed via Infinite Campus Parent Portal.  It's easy to sign up using the PARENT link on the Douglas County School System webpage.  You will need your child's SSN and lunch number.  They also have an app for smartphones so that you can see your child's grades at all times.  I try to keep grades as up to date as I can,  and always am available to answer emails or phone calls if you have any questions about your child's grade.

The 7th grade course of study is life science. Below is a chart listing out each unit along with an approximate time frame of when each unit will be studied:



Time Frame

Characterizing and Classifying Life:characteristics of organisms, six kingdoms


Cells:cell structure and function, organelles


Organization of Life:cell processes, organization of organisms


Genetics:inheriting traits, asexual and sexual reproduction, selective breeding


Interdependency of Life:relationships in an ecosystem, energy flow, resources, biomes


Change Over Time:natural selection, environmental factors and survival, fossil record





The 8th grade course of study is physical science. Below is a chart listing out each unit along with an approximate time frame of when each unit will be studied:


Nature of Matter:Atoms, molecules, physical and chemical properties/changes, periodic table

August- September

Forces in MotionEnergy, Forces, Motion

October- December

Transforming Energy: Potential and kinetic Energy, Energy transformations, Heat Transfer


Electricity and Magnetism: circuits, currents, magnetism, electric and magnetic forces


Nature of Waves: Sound and electromagnetic waves


STEM(Solar Energy/DNA)

April -May

A copy of each grades' syllabus may be found in the grade level file!

Grading Weights:


·  Classwork: 40%:  Includes assignments started and (usually) completed during class.  There may be times you will have to finish a classwork assignment at home as time did not allow you to finish during the class period. 

·  Homework: 15%:  Most HW assignments will be vocabulary or on-going project based.  Expect HW nightly.

·  Assessments: 30%: This category includes all quizzes and tests.  At least a two day notice will be given before each quiz, and I give at least a 5 day notice before tests are given.  All tests will be supported by at least one day of in-class review.

·  Project10%: A project will be assigned each nine weeks.  It will relate to the current unit of study.  While some class time will be allotted for project work time, students may have to work on some parts at home as well. 

· Participation:5%:  Warm-ups will be taken up and graded weekly as proof of class participation


Science Fair

  • ALL STUDENTS enrolled in a gifted or advanced science class are required to participate in the FMS Science and Engineering Fair.  
  • With the exception of the performing experimental trials, class time will be allotted for students to work on their Science Fair project.  In general,  this time will be available on Fridays during the 1st semester
  • Work will be checked periodically throughout the process and entered as a project grade
  • Failure to complete a Science Fair project may result in dismissal from the gifted/advanced science program. Non-completion of a project will be taken into consideration when course recommendations for 2019-20 are made.


Information about Mrs.Belaski and science class…

  • You do not need to buy a notebook or folder for Science. All you will need is notebook paper (wide or college rule), a pencil. Mechanical pencils may be used as long as there is no lead drama (finding lead, loading lead, needing to click lead excessively, etc) that leads to distracting you, or other around you from being attentive.  Most importantly, you will need a good attitude.
  • I will provide you with a file folder at the beginning of each unit. It may be kept in class in your table's basket until it is  needed to an assignment at home. At the end of each unit, you will take your folder home, put it someplace safe and use it to review for spring testing.
  • In order to keep my copy count down, I do not make extra copies. I do, however, post all handouts given in class under USEFUL LINKS on my webpage, in the appropriate file. If you lose or need to access another copy of a handout, you may print one out at home. If you do not have internet access/a printer at home, see me to make arrangements to get another copy.
  •  I post all Power Point presentations under USEFUL LINKSon my webpage, in the appropriate file. I also post links we use in class/interesting links under USEFUL LINKS in the appropriate file
  • Expect homework every night.  Most homework assignments are vocabulary or project-based.
  •  I love structure, routines and organization!
  •  I run a very busy classroom. Studies have shown that you remember only 10% of what you read and 95% of what you attempt to teach another. My goal is for everyone to reach the teaching point! In order to get there, we have to maximize our time.   You are expected to be in your seat, with your agenda ready to be signed and working on your warm-up when the bell rings.
  • If you are absent, see me for your make up work. I generally allow one day per day out for making up missed assignments.


  • Late work policies: 

  • 7th Grade --- Late work is accepted up to 5 school days late at a reduced grade for 7th grade students unless arrangements are made in advance of a due date

  • 8th Grade ---Late work will be accepted one day late from 8th grade students at a reduced grade unless arrangements are made in advance of a due date


  • Likes: chocolate -covered pretzels, middle schoolers, flip-flops, Disney World, lounging in a pool, and Diet Coke. I will read anything put in front of me. I watch documentaries for entertainment, and I am very capable of spending an entire day watching HGTV.
  •  Dislikes: snakes (weird for a science teacher, I know!), Ferris Wheels, dead things, eggs, wet socks, sneakiness, and being rushed through my work.


 It’s going to be a great year and I am anxious to get to know my students and parents. Please call or email me at the school if you have any questions, comments or concerns.


Noelle Belaski


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